Are you looking for Coaching at Top Level?

Only one hour from Munich and 30 minutes from Salzburg in serene surroundings, Claudia Nuber, Professional Certified Coach, sums up the benefits of her coaching in a nutshell:

“My clients want to know what they really want. They are active and committed to getting it. They develop wings and a sound self-confidence. They create goals and take action. With every milestone, they become more daring. And with every action they awaken their hidden potential.”


Coaching at Lake Chiemsee is geared to serve CEO’s and Executives, Leading Managers and Key Personnel as well as Professionals and Entrepreneurs, who wish to develop soft skills as well as personality.

Coaching at Lake Chiemsee is perfect for you to enhance your professional and personal development and skill sets. In this beautiful, wholesome area you find the peace and quiet to:

  • regain/keep a clear focus on the issues you are dealing with
  • add a variety of viewpoints to your existing ones
  • get clear on your positioning and how you got there
  • intentionally take your next steps on whichever path you chose
  • realize and use your professional and personal potential to the max
  • cover whatever else you are dealing with when you come into coaching.

Coaching takes time – please allow for that! Coaching at Lake Chiemsee and/or telephone coaching with Claudia Nuber will

  • improve your decision making skills
  • create your own goals and put them to reality swiftly
  • increase your management and entrepreneurial competence
  • significantly grow your leadership ability and help you to discover fun leading
  • help you to a more resilient and joyful life so you can be the best possible you at all times!

Coaching at Lake Chiemsee is a fantastic choice for those holidaying here or staying in one of the renowned rehabilitation clinics around. They can mix their stay with professional and personal advancement and knowing once they are back home Claudia Nuber will be available to them through phone coaching to keep them on track – worldwide and without additional calling charges!

Coaching at Lake Chiemsee is ideal for you if you also want to bring your spouses, partners, friends and children. There are ample things for them to do and enjoy around here. You can be free to concentrate on your coaching session, without feeling guilty about taking time out for yourself.

Claudia Nuber’s coaching website provides you with extensive and detailed information about her coaching approach trademarked “Human Change Coaching”. Claudia is happy to connect with you personally to answer your questions or for your 30 min. complimentary session to find out how coaching could work for you. Contact her via skype (claudianuber) or landline phone on +49 8051 9659220 or via email. In case Claudia Nuber cannot take your call at once, please do leave a message on her voicemail and she will call you back as soon as possible. Thank you.

In-person coaching sessions are available also on weekends. Please arrange for your 30-min. complimentary session via email or skype / phone +49 8051 9659220.