Whilst you are working on your issues, your family or partner/companion will have ample opportunity to pursue own activities like hiking, biking, sailing, skiing, trekking, gliding, mountaineering, swimming etc. depending on the time of year. Also there are a lot of world famous sights to see – a good overview of the region is provided here.

In the healthy air of the mountains and the serenity  of Lake Chiemsee you start to view change easily as your friend. Coaching on the phone will help you to integrate it nicely into your life when you are back home.

Coaching is an individual journey. A process that develops during individual coaching sessions and on the whole. It’s like creating a path by walking it. Coaching is all about you – what you need – what you desire – what you want to accomplish – what you would like to have different. You are creating your own path, just like Marlon Brando said: “Create your own path and nobody can overtake you.”

With you Claudia Nuber creates an individual synergistic process in her trademarked Human Change Coaching® – for example around topics like:

  • What you truly wish to achieve and how you will get there, smoothly and securely.
  • Who you are now and how you may evolve into the “best possible you” you can think of.
  • What will enable you to make your decisions soundly, etc.

In case you like recommendations on where to stay, my very personal favourites are:
Here in Bernau Pension Martlschuster is a family owned homely B&B.
The 4-star Golfresort Achental sports a brand new golf course and is close to the world-renowned DASSU-Alpine Gliding School.
Directly on the shore of Lake Chiemsee you find the Yachthotel in Prien. The Bayerischer Hof in downtown Prien is suitable for shopping and sightseeing aficionados.
If you like to play polo and bring your own horses check out Gut Ising.
Should you prefer a Michelin star cuisine and a five star luxury hotel, Heinz Winkler’s Residenz in Aschau would be your choice. A traditional stylish hotel with great food is the Hotel Karner located in Frasdorf.

Farm stays are very convenient when you bring your children.