Claudia Nuber

Book Claudia Nuber to coach with you either on the phone or in her beautiful office at Lake Chiemsee. Coaching on the phone saves you time and travelling cost. It works regardless where you are located on the globe as long as there is a phone. Telephone coaching is also uncomplicated and effective. Here is her Coaching Profile.

Should you be a coach looking for Mentoring or Mentor Coaching you find Claudia’s Mentor Coaching Profile here.

Claudia Nuber on Claudia Nuber – the official version:

“Dealing with change and personal development is tough – even though some well-wishers want to make us believe otherwise. In my business and personal life experience little has remained alien to me. This expertise, breeding and grooming is reflected in my trademarked approach of Human Change Coaching®, developed in the 16 years I have partnered with clients in their “Quest for the Best”. In working with me you get 20 years of international management experience, three of which with the world’s leading management consultants, as well as 22 years of entrepreneurship, 16 of which in professional coaching. I hold an ICF-International Coach Federation credential since 2006.

Motivated clients from all over the globe appreciate my open, frank, validating and honest approach. Wanting the best for my clients, I ask and expect them to stretch and grow when partnering in coaching with me. Personal warmth, sound pragmatism, humor and straight forwardness provide them with the safe space needed to evolve happily..

Human Change Coaching®  is all about YOU – what you want, what you need and what you wish for in your business, profession and life. I partner with you on your path being a reliable sounding board and sparring partner. I help you evaluate situations from different viewpoints, challenge your opinions and beliefs, keep you motivated and securely on track, even in the case when you think you might falter. You as my client will tell me how I can help you most in going forward.”

Claudia Nuber with a twinkle in her eye and her unique sense of humor:

  • Use me as your sounding board and sparring partner when you need to check out your opportunities, chances and what is possible when you are dreaming big.
  • I invent questions to help you think through ideas, strategies and dreams you have, when you invent goals you want to achieve and whatever else you have on your plate.
  • You decide whether I nudge you gently or kick you in the b… should you start to procrastinate or get stuck somewhere along the way.
  • If you are looking for your hidden potentials, strengths and talents and other wonderful things you want to unearth about yourself , I could impersonate your personal, dilligent truffle pig.
  • I am a talking compass in case you have lost your way or got too much on your plate or simply cannot decide which route to take
  • In my role as coaching samurai I stand by your side – reliable and committed – no matter what..”

Check in with Claudia Nuber what she can do for you. She will be happy to get in touch. Just send Claudia an email and arrange a telephone conversation. You may also call her on +49 8051 965 9220 or via skype claudia.nuber.. Should she be unable to answer the phone, just leave a message on her voicemail and your call will be returned. International clients will be called back free of charge.

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