Lake Chiemsee, the “Bavarian Sea” 80 square kilometres in size and more than 70 metres deep, is one of Germany’s most beautiful areas where you can combine active and relaxing holidays with professional and sustainable coaching.

Permanent lack of time, increasing complexity and crisis as well as having to multitask in most areas of one’s life are only some of the many challenges faced today. Time out to oneself or taking good self-care are luxuries rarely indulged in. Connecting to yourself, your needs and inner strength becomes increasingly difficult.

Coaching sessions are extremely valuable appointments with yourself, maintaining and/or increasing your effectiveness as well as your efficiency.

There is no need for you to worry or have a bad conscience whilst you are furthering your career and personal advancement in either half-day or hourly coaching sessions also on weekends. While you are concentrating on your issues, goals or decisions in coaching with Claudia Nuber, your loved ones are free to pursue their own activities. Amidst unspoilt nature, ample cultural heritage and friendly people they can engage in sailing, hiking, kiting, biking, trekking or mountaineering, golf, polo, sailplane flying or simply relaxing by the lake, in the mountains or in one of the beautiful spa’s around.

The length of the coaching sessions depend on what you wish to accomplish. Either half-day or hourly sessions here in my beautiful office are possible on weekdays and weekends alike. And when you are back home after having enjoyed your holidays here, coaching on the phone will keep you on track.

Combining Coaching & Holidays or Rehab helps you maintain and/or increase your effectiveness as well as your efficiency – in all avenues of your entire life! So let’s discuss how to best fit your individual needs. Just call +49 8051 965 9220 or mail Claudia Nuber directly. Speak to her voicemail if she cannot answer the phone and she will connect with you as soon as possible.

Extensive information on Claudia Nuber as a coach and her trademarked Human Change Coaching® approach you find on her corporate website Come visit and enjoy!