S u c c e s s

Coaching is about taking action
Success is action(s) taken or not having acted at all
Coaching success is up to you

Claudia Nuber ties Coaching & Success together:

  • She listens – to what you are saying and not saying
  • She asks you questions that help you discover your answers
  • She respects, accepts and honors you exactly where you are and how you are
  • She helps you to realize your full potential so you can bring it to life.

Success is measured best by your actions or non-actions (i.e. letting go of self-sabotaging behaviour). In coaching you start to look at things differently and perhaps give them another meaning. This leads to different actions and results positively impacting your professional and personal life alike.

Coaching is a unique process

Over the years professional coaches develop their unique handling of coaching tools (standard coaching procedures). A well trained coach will have a minimum of two years coach related training and have done a lot of personal foundation work on him-/herself. Most experienced coaches are credentialed.

Claudia Nuber is a credentialed member of the ICF International Coach Federation (www.coachfederation.org) having more than 22.000 members in 110 countries across the globe. Claudia holds a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) credential of the ICF awarded to very few coaches around the globe.

Coaching is all about you – the coach puts all his professional and personal competencies in your service – non-judgmental, without own agenda and fully committed to your success. You, the person being coached and the coach are partners on an eyelevel – so chose someone you like, trust and respect. Please bear this in mind when looking for a coach.

Success has an individual measure

Everybody has an individual definition of success, depending on the measures employed. What is a huge success for somebody may be peanuts to somebody else. An Olympic athlete will employ different criteria than those at a leisure gym. A CEO will measure success in another way than an entrepreneur just starting out. A professional’s definition of success will compare differently to a family manager’s etc.

Success definition will vary also on personal circumstance. For the job seeker an interview promising employment may be a cause for exhilaration. Others may consider it a success when they have dealt with conflicts, made an intentional decision or had a project come true. Sometimes a truly meant yes or no can be a success measure.

All definitions of success have one common trait:
You have realized something – reached a goal or learnt something you did not know before. You left your comfort zone and expanded it in the process. You are proud of yourself. It’s as though you have made it to a Himalayan mountain top or climbed the next step on a ladder or anything else that connects for you to having it made.

Success in Coaching is as unique as you are

Claudia Nuber reserves the last coaching session to discuss with you what you have achieved and where change occurred. Together you establish your personal ROI (return-on-investment) on lessons learnt and progress made. In most cases the gains of coaching will exceed the investments made. Most definitely you have developed a positive perspective and are very much in command of your life.

Feel free to direct any query or question that occurs to you after reading these lines to Claudia Nuber. She will be happy to answer. Please contact her via email or call her to set up an appointment. In case you cannot speak to Claudia Nuber straight away do leave a message on her voicemail. She will call back as soon as possible and looks forward to connecting with you!